free time at all

Here Ye, Here Ye,

I cannot wait to be on here all day, everyday, like I was before.

My summer is redundantly busy. It sucks.

But, I've promised to keep updated, so here's what's new:

One of two beta/critique readers have finished the manuscript and have completely adored it--which warms my heart! As a writer, it's so hard to believe that someone, besides myself, could enjoy my novel. And really, that's all I want from my readers--I want them to enjoy themselves while their reading my book.

Secondly, my newest manuscript (which is nameless for the moment,) is still under construction. Unfortunately, I haven't had much time to work on it--which isn't beneficial for me nor the unwritten project.


However, I write down any ideas any chance I get, and I'm trying hard not to FREAK OUT!


Welp, that's it for today's  blog post. Wish me luck with my hectic life!

I"ve Been Distant

So, I realize, I've been quite distant lately.

And I sincerely apologize. 

You know, I've had a lot to do these last few weeks: I finished my fourth semester in college; I got a legit freelance writing job for a marketing department; and I'm preparing myself to be a counselor at a camp for three months. 

And ALSO, I've found a few "legit" beta readers. 

I'm so stoked about that because one of them have already finished the first three chapters and have already given me feedback. Like, seriously, I feel sooo blessed. 

On another note, I've also been working really/semi hard on my new book--which is nameless because I can't figure out a title--and it's coming along so perfectly. I already have a blog post idea that will come because of it. 

Till then, I hope everyone finds a good book to read, and I'll speak with you next time!

Happy Writing Days! 

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