Er, don't fix it . . . ?

I usually say, "If it ain't broken, don't fix it." But I think I might start going back on my word.

You see, the thing is, I tend to want to fix a lot of things that aren't broken. For example, people--specifically men--movies, friendships . . . stuff like that. 
And lately, I've been fixing a lot of things with my finished manuscript, Unbroken. 

I've been going through these editing processes, and I can't help but think, "What if this could be better?" My book might be solid as a whole--from beginning to end--but what if it could be better than that? What if it was better than my best? Is that even possible? Can something actually be better than the best?
And it's questions like that that make me want to fix a whole lot of things. Because anything can be improved, even if it's not broken, right?
Okay, now I just feel like i'm preaching to the choir here.......

But on a serious note, I've been making a lot of changes to my manuscript--not big changes, but just a few tweaks here and there that would improve my overall book. I'd just hate to look back one day and think, "Maybe i should have done this....or maybe I should have taken this out." Because really, my characters are actual people to me, and I want to be able to express them, and their personalities, as much as possible. They deserve that. They deserve better than the best. And it's my duty to give it to them. 
So I am. And I truly hope that it's an even more enjoyable read. 

Also, some very important news, I changed the title of my book. It was completely unexpected--but a good unexpected--and I think that this new title suits my book a whole lot better than it did before. So, so long Unbroken. And hello, The Willow Tree. 
I truly believe that this title has a way deeper meaning than the title before, and I also feel like it's more original!

I really do hope to share this book with the world someday. I really know that it could, and can, fix many, many, broken hearts. 

Till next time blog world. 

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