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  1. I beseech you to assist me with the following problem:

    I am a techno Neanderthal and I am afraid it shows.

    (I did not opt to comment as "Why must I announce my identity..." I just don't understand the selections under "comment as." However I have no problem announcing my identity)

    I am STRUGGLING to become a member of a website that is known as AgentQueryConnect.com

    I am having technical difficulties registering.

    I have scoured the web site and various search engines all to no avail.

    I cannot contact any members of the site because I am not yet a member. I found your name on the web site and then proceeded to google your name.

    Please, I beseech you, contact me or have someone from the web site contact me to assist me in resolving the problem

    This is the technical problem:

    The registration form tells me that I must answer a certain question to become registered. BUT it never poses the question it wants me to answer!!!
    Next to the request to answer the question, I see "Hogwarts." What about Hogwarts?? Is the question about Hogwarts??

    My name is David Gottfried. I can be reached at 212 594 8551 or 646 750 8765 or at DavidGottf@gmai.com

    I thank you in advance for your expeditious attention to my request


    David Gottfried

    1. Hi David!

      I'm glad you reached out to me, but unfortunately I don't know if I can be of much help here. I am a member of AQC, but I'm not an administrator. It has also been six years or so since I've created a profile, so I can't quite remember what the process was like.

      I do wish you the very best at trying to become a member. If you haven't already, I'd try to use a different browser. Google Chrome usually works best for me.

      Good Luck!


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