Querying Rossano Trentin

Also known as the Literary Agent who believed in my dream . . .


Here's what you should know about Rossano:

He's a top-dog literary agent from Italy. He's the founder's of Trentin Agency. According to Manuscript Wish List, Rossano represents YA and Adult Fiction, with a special affinity for literary Fiction, crime, dark thrillers, high-concept women's fiction, and contemporary YA (including thrillers).

Fun fact: Rossano was also one of the superb agents that helped Ransom Riggs (you know, the guy that wrote Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children) get Italian rights. *high-fives* As well, one of his clients was recently optioned for film!

From the man himself: "I am looking for well-crafted and compelling stories that features a strong narrative voice. Beautifully written and suspenseful works that captivate the reader with its prose and its plot. I am also looking to acquire science-fiction that explore what it means to be human in the age of technology. I’m very interested in everything about A.I. in general, and I love reading and seeing things about it.When it comes to nonfiction, I’m open to fresh and smart narrative nonfiction in the areas of journalism, politics, true crime, TV/Movie and sport."

Have you queried Rossano Trentin? How did it work out?

Yes and no. I sent my query letter to Rossano Trentin after he requested it via #PitMad. (For the full story, click here.) To my surprise, he liked what he saw and requested the full MS the next day.

What was the response time?

In full: Trentin requested my query, synopsis, and the first two chapters on September 7th. On September 8th, he requested my full MS. On October 6th, he offered representation (*insert squeals*), and on October 24th, I officially became part of the TZLA family. It all happened so fast, I still have jet lag because of it. There are moments when I'm like, "Britney, girl, you have a freaking Literary Agent. That's Crazy."

Would you ever query him again?

Ha, if I had to, I suppose I would. I honestly wish I'd heard about him sooner. (Hints to why I'm doing this post. *wink wink*)

How can I query Rossano Trentin?

You can query Rossano by emailing him at rossano@tzla.it

His submission guidelines:

"Please email a cover letter and provide a two-three pages synopsis, with ending, along with the first two chapters of your novel. Copy and paste letter, synopsis and chapters in the email body, as we won’t open unsolicited attachments. To avoid falling into spam, please begin the subject line with the word “Query”.Please don’t query if you haven’t finished your novel yet, be sure to include genre and word count in your letter, and let us know if you are sending your proposal to other agencies or publishers. Unfortunately, we can’t respond personally to all submissions, but if we are interested in your work we will certainly follow up by email within 8 weeks."


Follow Rossano on twitter, and send him a shout out!
Also, check out the featured post about me and another one of his new client's here. 

P.S. I thought I'd mention that Trentin represents foreign writers, too! Don't fret if you're not from Italy--send your queries his way!

That's all for this blog post--I've got to get back to editing. As always, let me know what your experiences are with these agents! Good luck with the queries!

Till next time blog world!

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