Querying Jodi Reamer

If you don't know who Jodi Reamer is . . . well, welcome, my friends. Welcome to the world of Literary agents.

First off: What is a literary agent?
According to Google,
"A literary agent is a professional agent who acts on behalf of an author in dealing with publishers and others involved in promoting the author's work. "

Basically, a literary agent is a bad-ass professional agent who works harder than any other person in the world (in my opinion,) to help make authors dreams come true--at least most of the time. They assist in jobs that range from editing client's projects, to things like contracting negotiations. They're pretty hardcore. And if they believe in you, and your manuscript, they'll do whatever it takes to get it into the hands of an editor/publishing house who loves it as well.

So, who is Jodi Reamer you might ask?

                                    (Photo from: hollywoodreporter.com)

Jodi Reamer is a literary agent for Writer's House. But you might know her as the agent who made Stephanie Meyer, the author of the Twilight Series, dreams come true. Or, you may know her as John Green's super-nova, hot-shot literary agent.

According to her Publisher's Market profile, she represents children's books, YA books, and adult books, but her main focus is on commercial fiction.

Have you queried Jodi Reamer? How did it work out?

Yes. I have indeed queried Reamer and her assistant, Alec Shane. But no, it did not work out for me. I queried her the first novel I'd ever written. And, God-bless her and Mr. Shane for having to look over it. (Also, if you're reading this, I sincerely apologize for making your ogles burn.) Well, anyway, they went ahead and sent a form rejection saying that it wasn't right for them at the time. And I was crushed. I was 18, and I thought that they were definitely the ones for that project. But we all learn eventually, don't we?

What was the response time?

Jodi Reamer's responses range from 6-8 weeks. I queried her in January and got a response in March. However, response times vary depending on if you are doing snail mail, or sending an email.

Would you ever query her again?

Of course! As a writer seeking publication, I can't take rejections too harshly. It's a competitive business and agents strive for the best of the best. But hey, once my manuscript is done with it's 2,000,000,162 edit, I wouldn't mind tossing my query her way. You never know what could happen.

How can I query Jodi Reamer?

You can contact Jodi by going to the Writer's House website or the Publisher's Market website.
You can email your query and the first 10 pages of your manuscript to her assistant, Alec Shane, at ashane@writershouse.com (You can also follow him on twitter at: https://twitter.com/alecdshane )

But remember, Jodi Reamer is a busy woman--just take a look at her client's list.
Good luck with everything!

Till next time blog world.


  1. Hi!

    Does Jodi accept query by her email at writershouse.com, since Alec Shane isn't an assistant for her anymore?

    1. Good question, Daya. I'll look the information up on that and let you know. But I would definitely say that her email is still a primary source to contact her. Let me know how that turns out.

    2. I had the same problem. Since Alec Shane is a junior agent at Writer's House now it says that Jodie Reamer has her own email address but Publishers Marketplace still has the old information. I sent her an email to that new email address almost five months ago asking which email address should be used but I never got a response. The information was never changed. Then I submitted to that new email address, but after 8 weeks I still haven't received a reply. So I assume the email address is not in use.

    3. Alec Shane is still with Writer's House. Jodi's page still says to send queries to her assistant, Alec Shane. When I sent in my query to Alec I heard back directly from him.

  2. Has there been an update on her assistant? The writershouse.com website still lists Alec Shane as the assistant.


    1. Hi Ali,
      So I just checked Alec's twitter, and as of the 13th of this month, he's still Jodi Reamer's assistant. I'm actually not sure why it was mentioned that he wasn't. There must have been a mix in information somewhere. But yeah, he's still there. Feel free to contact him!

    2. Has anyone queried both Jodi Reamer and Alec, since they seem to have different interests?

    3. Hi Jim!
      I have! I queried Jodi before Alec was her assistant. However, if I can remember, even at that time Jodi had a different assistant. So it's hard to judge how much of who's interests goes into the rejections. Though, I'm sure Jodi is a wise woman and trusts her assistant's decisions. I honestly would recommend querying what you think both of them might like.

  3. Hey Ali,

    So does Alec read ALL of Jodi Reamer's queries? I'm not sure if you would know the answer to that :P? The reason I'm asking is because I've been stalking Alec's twitter for some time now and he seems to have a different taste than what Jodi Reamer has listed on her profile?

    1. Hi J.R., good question!
      When I was in the process of querying Jodi Reamer, and was deep into research on her, the agency, and Alec, I noticed the same thing.

      So here's me trying to answer your questions:

      -I'm not sure if Alec reads all the queries, but if he does--and I hope that he does--he probably only reads the ones that capture him. In that way I mean, if he doesn't like it, he probably won't finish it.

      -Also, the last time I was on Alec's twitter, I, too, noticed that his taste was different than Jodi's. It seems as if he's looking for more writers like John Green (who is under Reamer as well). If you're comparing it to Twilight, well, I don't think Alec will be interested. When Twilight was caught, it was a literal accident, and there was also a different Intern at the time.

      I hope this helps, J.R.
      It seems like you'll have more luck querying what Alec wants than what Jodi is looking for.

      Let me know if you have anymore questions,

    2. Hey Britney,

      Thanks for answering! Yeah I just thought it was super weird for her to have him as a assistant when she seems to like more of a variety of genres whereas he enjoys more specific genres.

      Best of luck!

    3. I totally agree with you! It's a weird situation--especially if your manuscript is what you think Jodi could like vs what Alec likes.

      Best of luck to you as well!

    4. I'm nearly done the revising stage of my novel and starting to seriously look into which agents I want to query, and I noticed this as well. My novel is YA fantasy, not something that Mr. Shane appears to be interested in. Given the choices of emailing Jodi Reamer's assistant or snail mailing Ms. Reamer herself, does anyone have any suggestions on which they think the best method would be?

    5. Hi Friend!
      It's a hard shot. Honestly, I would query toward Shane's interests since he is, in fact, the first eyes to view all of Reamer's queries. When I snail-mailed, I still got the rejection, it just took longer to receive--like 3 months longer. (Also, a lot of agencies are going completely paper-free.)
      I suggest emailing!

  4. Hey Britney!

    What do you think would happen if I wanted Jodi Reamer to take a look at my poetry? Do you think a poetry book is something she would go for?

    1. Good question. I'm not sure. Based on her publishing history, I'd say no, but you never know. I'd go to her Writer's House bio and see what she wants submitted (Alec as well since he works for her.) Some agents don't accept poetry at all.

    2. I was thinking of emailing her assistant that question. There's no poetry in her publishing history, or in anyone's at Writer's House. I do know Lang Leav, who wrote a book of poems similar to what I want to write, had her poetry published by someone (Al Zuckerman, maybe) at Writer's House, and she is wildly successful now. That's actually how I came to know of Writer's House, because of her

  5. So I just had a quick question. I only looked on her publisher market place and not on the Writer's house website so I sent her a snail mail with my query and first chapter, but no return envelope already post marked. Do you think there is any chance she might still respond if she has my email? I sent it to Alec Shane with an explanation, but I don't want to wait around expecting a reply when I could just send it to her again with the envelope in there this time. Thanks!

    1. I know a lot of Agencies are reducing (or even ending) the amount of snail mail they receive due to the environment. Not only that, but because of how slow it its. I think you definitely did the right thing, Autumn, but with big houses like that there's a chance you may not hear back from them. I hope it went well. Keep me updated!

  6. How can I send my query to Jodi Reamer?

    1. Hey Friend,
      You can email your query and the first 10 pages of your manuscript to her assistant, Alec Shane, at ashane@writershouse.com (You can also follow him on twitter at: https://twitter.com/alecdshane ).

      Good Luck!


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