Finding A Legit Beta Reader

So, my first group of rejections have come tumbling in.

Let me tell ya, receiving rejections from some amazing agents puts a dent in your brain.

***Update at bottom

After thinking about it, and beating myself up, I realized, "Maybe I should find more beta readers?"

A beta reader is someone who reads your unpublished/published novel and gives you feedback--either constructive, line by line, or general. Truth be told, beta readers are hard to find--especially the good ones. 

Sometimes they don't get back to you for an entire year--at least, that's what it feels like

Sometimes they're just as clueless as you are--which doesn't help much. 

Sometimes they read it and don't give any feedback--um, yeah . . . 

And sometimes they don't respond at all--those are the worst. 

For forever, I've had the biggest fear of sending my baby out into the world. I know what that can do to a manuscript. It can damage it in inconsolable ways.

But I've prepared myself for an unbiased response, and I'm ready to tackle the world of beta's again. 

So if any of you lucky ducks would like to take a look at my novel, and my query click this link: Click Me!

For more information about my success in finding beta readers, click here!
Also, the link to the query above may or may not be chicken scratch. It's changed a lot since then. I'm going to try to get my actual query up soon, but I'm not sure how that works out with me sending them to agents right now. I'll keep ya'll updated. 

Till Then, Happy Writing Days. 


  1. Hi, you recently posted this link on a Facebook page I admin. I've read over some of your stuff, and it looks like we'd be a good fit. However, I will not read anything that contains bad words or inappropriate content. In your summary, it looks like there might be a few things that I am sensitive to. If there is a reason behind the issues presented in your story (redemption, finding faith in God, etc.), will you please clarify to me what they are?

    J. Dominique

    1. Hey J, thanks for the comment.
      I'm not exactly sure what it is you are sensitive to, but if you want to send me a message on either FB or here, then, please, feel free to to do so!


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