A Maddening Sabbatical

Dear Writing Friends:

Is it too soon to say how much I love all of you?

Ha, but seriously.

Even with my absence of blogposts, I've felt a sincere adoration from those of you who have taken time to comment on a post with a question, or to compliment my writing--or even those of you who send emails! (I love emails!)

I've always been honest with all of you, and the truth is that I've mistakenly placed myself on a sabbatical (is that even a thing for writers?)

School is seriously hectic. Graduation is etching so close, and with life pressing in on every side, I can't find enough time to write a decent post.

My book, Rubatosis, is complete and is going through many rough drafts and edits by my dear friends, including the awesome Kayla Dean who I met on here, and who is also an amazing writer and literary friend--check out her blog! (And also, shout out to you for being so astounding!)

Y'all, I am ridiculously stoked about Rubatosis, and I can't wait to share more with you. I will say, however, the query editing process is CRAZY. I've been having to go through old blog posts I've written about queries--I'm basically relearning how to write a query, and it's maddening. (Note to self: never stop writing/reading queries.)

I'm also excited about the many new agents I've come across, and you can bet I'll be writing about them on here.

Until then, hold on tight, accept my awkward GIF hug, and know that my sabbatical will end soon!


  1. Aww! I'm glad my edits are helpful! I can't wait to finish your manuscript! Will send edits soon :) Also, excited for my blog relaunch!

    1. They so are, Kayla! And I'm excited for edits and for your blog relaunching!
      I'll keep an eye out!


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