The Perks of Being Part of An Online Forum

When writing and working on books, I highly suggest that people join an online community/ forum. 

It is seriously the best thing ever. 

The people on there aren't just friends who notice your writing mistakes, but they're family, too.

They support you. 

They understand you.

And they're going through the exact same thing that you are. 

There are so many perks to having an online writing family:

-They truthfully tell you if that query you wrote is legit....or too full of cliches.

-Some of them have been on the community forever (The Grandparents) and they can spot a mistake in two seconds, rather than the normal five minutes to an hour.

-You can literally talk with them about anything, and they won't think you're weird. 

-You can vent about your book! You can vent about your query, and your synopsis! 

-They'll help you think of a title so awesome that you'll dream about it at nights.

-They'll be some of the first people who'll buy your book when it hits shelves. (Plus they'll have bragging rights!)

-They'll read your ENTIRE book and tell you if it's worth publishing or not. 

-They hurt when you hurt. 

-And most importantly, they want the best for you and your writing career! 

I can't even begin to explain how blessed I am to work with a community like this. Agent Query Connect has got the best people from all around the world--not joking! I really just want to make a huge shout out to all you amazing people who've helped me get this far. A little bit goes a loong way. Seriously, thanks for the support.

Till next time blog world!

Happy Writing Days! 

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