Essential to Writing an Awesome Manuscript: Research

As many of you know, I am writing a new book. 

Oh, the joys of starting over again........ha ha

But as many writers already know, writing a book envolves a lot of research!  Yeah, so if you thought your research days were far behind you, or you assumed that research was only useful for school papers, then you thought wrong.

The thing is, when we write books, we have all these amazing ideas in our heads, but in order to make those ideas excellent, we must research them. How embarrassing would it be if you described the Eiffel Tower like the St. Louis Arch? (That's a stretched scenario, but seriously, something like that could indeed happen.)

I like to think that I know everything, but I'm brave enough to proudly say that I don't. In my new book, the scenes take place in Kansas City, Ks, and Kansas City, Missouri. Though I live in Kansas City, KS, and am very familiar with Kansas City, MO, I don't know everything--but with the power of Google, I do!

Don't think of research as an awful event. It should be fun. I mean, this is your book, make it as worthwhile as possible.

So, I'll give you a little insight on my latest novel.

But not that much insight, ha, things could change drastically.

Anywho, my new novel will be a series of three books--hopefully--if all goes as planned.
And each book will be an allegory! (Yay to allegory's)
As always, there will be a protagonist, and an antagonist (a few of those actually)
But I have a lot of research to do because some of my characters are from like the 5th and 6th century...and I don't know much about those time periods.
AND, for fun, I am placing hidden symbols (more or less) throughout the entire novel.
Basically, I'm just really stoked about this one y'all.

That's all for today's post! Happy Writing Days, my friends!

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