The Writing Life (Take Two!)

Coming into this life, I expected it to be easy, somewhat.

But clearly, I was fooled.

It's been almost a year since I began blogging and almost four years since I began writing seriously. (You know, with the hopes of being published someday.)

And it's not even about wanting to get published--that's a simple perk of being a writer--it's about connecting with other writers, with readers. It's about living in a world where people understand you. A world where when you say, "I think I have carpal tunnel," they don't look at you like you're crazy. It's about being invested in a community, like this one, where other writers welcome you with GIF hugs and emojis.  A world where they send you so many emails about their book that you think it's spam. But mostly, a world where they not only want to be invested in you, but in your characters, in your writing.....that's the best feeling.

So here I stand with a heart full of words and a mind filled with stuff about writing. Like I said before, I will either succeed or fail miserably in this realm. But for us, for me, for my words, I believe that I will make it far in this life someday. I might even own my own literary agency . . . ha . . . now would be the time for me to come off that high horse.

But if, and when I do publish my first book through some hardcore agent who believes in me, I want to remember you, all of you who read this.

I propose that the first fifteen people who email me with the sentence, "we are a community" will receive a signed, hard-back book from yours truly. That's a promise. Maybe that doesn't mean much to you, but it means everything to me. You all are my people--we're a community--and I want to give back.

Till then, I'll be working hard on this third book with community in mind. I'll be looking into Carpal Tunnel because, yeah, this pain is real. And I'll be diving deep into this writer's life with high hopes.

Look forward to the next post because I'm going to continue the series, "How Writer's Made It Big!" This time, we'll be looking into how Veronica Roth corrupted 2014 with her Divergent series. You don't want to miss this one!

Till next time blog world,

OH, and somehow I managed to make it on a cover of a magazine. Who would have thunk it?


  1. Congrats!!! Being on a cover of a magazine basically means you've made it in life :-O

    I just wanted to say 1. omg best gif utilisation ever, you and I have very similar tastes in gifs I think I'll stick around *pulls out chair* and 2. um, having only just stumbled here I don't feel like I technically SHOULD be all like WOOO YEAH YOU AND ME FOREVER WE ARE TOGETHER IN THIS even though I do feel very close to you because of afore mentioned gif reasons and the fact, well, writing etc etc BUT this is the most fabulous idea and I love it. Plus, you are right. Community is the most important part of all this gif usage we get up to! :)

    Okay... I feel like I came off a little creepy there so I'm just going to bow out gracefully now... *packs up chair* *runs away*


    1. Mia, haha! This comment completely just made my day. SO glad that was the first thing I saw on my browser today! And thanks for appreciating my gif usage. I wasn't sure if anyone really did!
      But yes, community is everything and we ARE in this together! :)
      Don't feel creeped out. Stay for a while!
      Thanks times a million!


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