The First Rejection

So, I received my first rejection today..........

My initial reaction was to freak out, but since I was on my way to a class, I had to suffer in silence.

Don't get me wrong, I'm familiar with rejection: boys, books, friends, families, random strangers on the street. But, regardless of how many times it happens to me, it still hurts.
There's a sharp pain that I can't ignore.

As some of you may already know, this is the second book I've queried. The first book I queried (Manuscript 1) was a mess--and by mess I mean, that entire book was falling apart. So with this book, naturally, I was hoping for a better reaction.
First off, I don't want to bash the agent I queried because she is a very sweet woman, and the agency she works for is splendid. Heck, she responded in two days--that's a record.
I just get so annoyed with the standard, "Thanks for the opportunity to review your project. Unfortunately this isn't the right fit for us...." 
I was hoping for something else.

However, I will not give up yet.
There are still soo many agents out there.
And I know that Unbroken will be published.
I just have to have hope, and be patient.

I mean, seriously, I'm just thankful I could make it this far.

Does anyone have any crazy rejection letters they want to share? Feel free to comment below!

Happy Query Days!

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  1. So rejection stings, but it's also a big part of being an author. Even big authors get rejected.'s a big part of the business. The best advice it so not take it personally. The agent is not (usually) saying your book is bad, they are saying it's not for them. You want an agent/publisher who loves your book, so they will sell/promote it well.

    Form letters are annoying, but an aspect of the business you just kind of have to accept. The nice thing about a form letter is that it is better than hearing nothing...ever. Some agents just don't respond to stuff they reject. This is THE WORST, as it gives authors hope that the agent is just behind or is carefully considering the work. You'll read/hear about authors receiving offers and rejections on work that has already been published because the agent/editor took so long to get back to them.

    Rejection hurts, but it's also a big part of the author/writer life. So consider it a battle scar/badge of war =)


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