The Waiting Game: Day 2

It's been two days since I sent out my queries.


I get that, obviously, that's nothing. I mean, two days doesn't compare to two months.

But I'm still freaking out. I really want my baby to get agented. And then, hopefully--may God grant it true--I'll get it published.

Happy Waiting Games to all those in the same boat as me.
And may the odds, ever, be in your favor!


  1. 2 days is pretty early, but by no means any easier! I've been waiting to hear from 3 presses who have had my revised manuscript for a month! So I'm crawling the walls =)

    Hope all goes well! I used query tracker to see average response times of agents I queried. It made things slightly easier. =)

  2. Oh my goodness! I can't even imagine waiting a month! I'd refreshing my email like crazy.

    I'm so glad Query Tracker could be a help to you!
    I also hope all goes well with you too! Who knows, they might respond tomorrow!


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