What I'm Reading

Between queries and scribbling on manuscripts, I read.

Yes, there are actually some--please add an extra emphasis to the word some--days when I have time to read an actual book with words I didn't write.

And I love reading. Before I knew that I wanted to pursue a dream in writing, reading was the best thing (I mean, it still is.)

However, lately, whenever I find myself reading a book, I would get excited and anxious about my own. Then, before I know it, I'm working on my manuscript, not even finishing the first chapter of (insert any book here that's been published in the last 50 years.)

With that said, I've forced myself to get over that barrier. Not only that, but now that I've actually finished The Willow Tree, it's been easier to enjoy a novel other than my own.

Which brings me to the point of today's blog post:

What, exactly, am I reading?

As of today, I am reading The Notebook.

If you live in America, you've probably seen this movie a million times. It's one of those mesmerizing, tragic, I-want-that-kind-of-love stories. It's almost as popular as the story of Romeo and Juliet (maybe...)

And though I have seen the movie, I decided to read the book. Many people don't know, but The Notebook was Nicholas Sparks's first published book. (Read the story here.) And I love reading debut novels because it gives me hope--like that could be me one day--and it's easy to tract the author's growth from the first novel to the most recent novel. But the best part is seeing how far they've come. 

Hopefully I'm able to finish this book; it's a really easy read, and it moves at a nice pace. Ha, wish me luck. 

Are you struggling with reading books other than your own, too? Share below!

Till next time blog world. 

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