Three things you don't know about me

So last night, at about ten pm, I decided to send a query out. Go ahead, call me crazy, but I was ready to do it. This time around, I felt different. I wasn't overly-anxious. I don't have second day regrets. And I'm quite confident with this version of my manuscript.

It felt right to me, so I did it without blinking.

And the woman I queried is in my top three. Whether she passes or accepts, I will do a review of my query experience with her on here.

Until then, it's back to the waiting game!  Furthermore, here are three things you don't know about me!


I have crazy, curly hair.  Sometimes I like it . . . sometimes I don't.


 I'm growing a mint plant, so I can put it in my tea. :)


After camp ended, I cried the entire way home--not kidding. And it was an hour drive. 

This was the last sunset.

And this was the moon on the night that I left.

And there it is, people. That's three things you don't know about me. (But now ya do! Wink, wink)
Bonus fact: I was listening to Hunter Hayes first album the night that I left. 

That's it for today's blog post. Wish me query luck!

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