The Tea Ain't Cutting It

I'm at my parent's house for a few weeks before I can move back on campus . . . just imagine all the fun I'm having.

Ha. Well, anyway. I've never been so bored in my LIFE. I'm actually one of the top posters on AQC because I have nothing better to do. 

For some bright reason, I decided to re-do my query--which was suicide--only to find out that it was fine the way it was before (Yeah, I'm that girl.) I don't know why I did that. Granted, the query is better than it was before, but not by much. I added and removed a few sentences. 

I'm going crazy over here. I just want to send my query letter out! Is that too much to ask? But I'm trying to patiently wait for my last content reader to go over my manuscript . . . which I'm not even sure he/she received. Isn't three beta readers enough? Do I actually need four? Can I just send my query out already? Please?!?! Is that too much to ask? Seven months of editing has been far too long. 

Plus, the tea ain't cutting it. Yes, I said tea. I purchased a great amount of tea yesterday from the the dollar store down the street. It was cheap, and it was their brand. But it's terrible (sorry, dollar store.) And yet, I'm drinking it anyway because I'm broke, and I'd feel bad if I let it go to waste. 


Can I just send my query out already?

Please enjoy a photo of me trying to do the duck face.

Till next time blog world. Also, please send help. I'm going crazy over here. 

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