The Truth About My Summer

I wasn't expecting a summer like this. Actually, I didn't know what to expect at all.
I mean, here I am, at one am writing a blog post.
Because this is the only time, in weeks, that I'm able to make a post--It's ONE AM PEOPLE. Almost two!

But I'm not going to rant about not having time to breathe between heartbeats. Because, in all honesty, I kind of like being busy. It keeps me focused on what's ahead, you know?

A normal week for me involves sleeping, eating, praying, speaking, and working with people in a small community/camp six days a week up to twenty-four hours. (In other words, I'm a cabin leader. However, where I'm from, we call it Home Host.)

Between all that I mention above, I find time to smile, stuff my face with carbs, speak to my sister on the phone, and pet a few cats in the neighborhood.

But what I've also been doing is editing my manuscript like a crazy person. And I don't use the word "crazy" lightly.

In the last 3 weeks I've re-edited twenty-five chapters (for probably the billionth time) and in the last four weeks my first chapter has been changed at least five times. And I finally like my first chapter--though I'm kind of sick of looking at it.

At the same time I've also been working on a friend's manuscript, and helping her get some chapters in tip-toe shape.

The writing life is hard.

However, I do this all with pleasure. Literally, I love my job(s). I probably couldn't ask for any other better opportunity. And to know that this is my talent absolutely bewilders me every stinkin time. What the heck? I'm a writer. How did that happen?

Tah. It's almost two am and I'm day dreaming about writing another novel. I must be asleep, eh?

Till next time blog world.

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